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Coco Rocha Model Camp



Welcome to my journey at Coco Rocha Model Camp (CRMC), where I had the privilege of being part of an exceptional experience. Led by the incomparable Coco Rocha herself, the highly professional team at CRMC left no stone unturned in ensuring that every moment was truly transformative.


The expertise and guidance provided by Coco Rocha and her team were unparalleled. As a renowned icon in the model industry, Coco’s passion and knowledge shone through in every interaction. She effortlessly shared her wisdom, offering invaluable insights that only come from years of experience at the top of the industry. Throughout the 4 day program at CRMC, I was immersed in a training that covered all facets of modeling.


From mastering runway techniques to refining posing skills, from understanding the business side of the industry to perfecting my presence in front of the camera, every aspect was thoughtfully crafted to empower and elevate each participant.


In conclusion: Coco Rocha Model Camp is a game-changer for any model, regardless of age. I felt seamlessly integrated as a mature model among models of all ages. The exceptional experience I had at CRMC, under the guidance of Coco Rocha and her team, has forever transformed my perspective on modeling.

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