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As an international 50+ model, Eveline has earned widespread recognition, defying age norms and gracing the pages of various magazines.

She not only challenges the conventional standards of the model and beauty industry, but also contributes her insights to panel talks and engaging discussions on podcasts, inspiring a fresh narrative of empowerment and diversity.

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KC2 Rwanda- Behind the Runway

Behind The Runway on KC2 with Christian Nzaramba: An exclusive interview with International Model Eveline Gonzenbach on her experience on the fashion- and model industry in Rwanda.

Interview Eveline 2.JPG

ARTICLE: RWANDA cultural fashion show

"I see a bright and promising future for the fashion industry in Rwanda. With a growing focus on local talent, sustainability, and embracing diverse voices, I envision a dynamic landscape where Rwandan fashion designers gain global recognition, and the industry becomes a hub of innovation, inclusivity, and conscious fashion choices" said the International Model Eveline Gonzenbach  who is working with the Gorilla Fashion Week 2023.

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