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A Glimpse into My Life in Kigali

Modeling in Kigali

My journey as a model in Kigali has been nothing short of inspiring. Never did I imagine that I would find so many opportunities to work in Rwanda. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with numerous talented designers, for which I am incredibly grateful.

Rwanda Fashion Models Union

After participating in several catwalk classes in Gikondo, I was invited to join the board of the Rwanda Fashion Models Union. This incredible opportunity allows me to train models alongside board member and model Trevor. Every Saturday afternoon, Trevor Ntabwoba and I offer free model training sessions. Together with our president, Ally Mutabazi - nicknamed “Charm” for his captivating smile - we have ambitious plans to achieve by the end of the year. I look forward to sharing more about our initiatives as the year progresses.

Dedication and Passion

The models in Kigali are incredibly passionate about their craft. Some travel for two hours just to attend our training sessions, overcoming significant financial and logistical challenges. Many can’t afford high heels, but their camaraderie shines through as they share shoes every week. We also have individuals who join our classes to break their routine and gain a fresh perspective on life. The dedication and unity among these models is truly inspiring.

Embracing the Language

Another significant aspect of my life in Kigali is the language. In Kigali, people speak Kinyarwanda and English, with some also speaking French. Since some of my students only speak Kinyarwanda and out of respect for the Rwandan people, I decided to learn Kinyarwanda. I must admit, sometimes I feel like my tongue gets twisted, but I hope that in a year’s time, I will be able to have proper conversations in Kinyarwanda.

Staying Active

To keep in shape, I train regularly. Whether at the gym or taking a walk in nature, I make sure to stay active. People often ask if I've encountered any large animals during my outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, I haven’t. I’ve only seen geckos, beautiful butterflies, and, to my annoyance, nasty mosquitoes. In the near future, Patrick and I plan to explore the national parks and see their beautiful animals.

Weekend Adventures

On weekends, I love spending time with my husband, Patrick. We enjoy exploring new restaurants and coffee shops in Kigali, always on the lookout for latest culinary delights. Attending various events together also adds excitement to our weekends.

Every day, we are amazed by the beauty of this wonderful country. The land of a thousand hills has so much to offer, from its stunning landscapes to its warm and welcoming people. Our next adventure will be a trekking to the mountain gorillas in the wild.

Until Next Time

Living and working in Kigali is an incredible journey filled with unforgettable experiences and inspiring people. From my modelling career and the dedicated models I work with, to exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Rwanda, every moment here is a treasure.

Thank you for joining me on this glimpse into my life. I look forward to sharing more stories and adventures with you in the future. Until next time, take care and keep embracing the adventures in your own life!

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a day ago

Eveline, you got such a beautiful life that any body could wish to have. Its really beautiful. You are such an amazing lady you are. You can be an amazing role model of someone. Am A Jolly Abasa with 14 years old, I wonder if I can join RMA. If it is possible, write to me on It is my dream to model. I got some skills to do catwalks and horsewalks. I live in Kigali nyarugenge. I hope this is my luck🤞. Thanks for reading this.


Erika Güller-Moor
Erika Güller-Moor
Jun 09

Salü Eveline. Seit ich dich an unserem Jahrgängertreffen in Gadmen besser kennengelernt habe, folge ich dir auf Instagram. Ich finde sehr interessant, was du alles erlebst und freue mich jetzt schon, mit dir bei einer nächsten Gelegenheit darüber zu plaudern. Liebe Grüsse aus dem Wallis, Erika

Eveline Gonzenbach
Eveline Gonzenbach
Jun 14
Replying to

Liebe Erika. Danke für Deine lieben Worte welche mich ganz riesig freuen. Unsere Jahrgänger Treffen finde ich jedesmal sehr schön. Ich werde alles daran setzen auch beim nächsten Treffen mit dabei zu sein. Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute und herzliche Grüsse aus dem Herzen von Afrika. Eveline 🤗😘

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