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My Journey into Kigali’s Modeling Scene

Arriving in Rwanda with my husband Patrick, I wasn't sure what to expect for my modeling career in Kigali. Moving from the lively fashion world of Dubai to Kigali raised concerns about maintaining my modeling journey. I had worked hard on my portfolio with great shoots in the UAE, but the question was, could I keep up the same energy in Africa? I knew there were a few modeling agencies, but the depth of the fashion scene pleasantly surprised me in my new home. While exploring Kigali's fashion world, I discovered a wonderful blend of tradition and modern flair. The diverse styles in the city infused its streets with vibrant energy. Inspired by this dynamic atmosphere, I couldn't wait to kickstart my career in the heart of Africa.

A Heartwarming Shoot

In those initial weeks, my days were filled with reaching out to agencies, designers, and attending castings. Eventually, I had my first outdoor shoot with Umuheto Fashion House, an experience that left a lasting impression. The shoot attracted locals, especially children who brought a unique energy with their curiosity. Their innocent mimicry of my poses turned the session into a heartwarming moment. During a break in the shoot, while my fellow model was in the spotlight, I seized the chance to join the children, dancing with them making it an unforgettable memory.

Embracing Opportunities

I found myself quickly integrated into the fashion scene. Securing a spot to walk the runway at Gorilla Fashion Week after a successful casting was a proud moment. To speak at the press conference and joining a panel discussion during the event were exhilarating opportunities. One thing that struck me about the models in Kigali was their incredible camaraderie. They have a weekly catwalk training session that blew me away. When I joined, they welcomed me like an old friend. Their immediate acceptance, treating me as one of their own, was incredibly touching and heartwarming.

The New Year Spotlight

The New Year started on a high note when I was invited by Christian Nzaramba to feature on his TV Show, "Fashion Eye," in Kigali. Christian's kindness and the comfortable atmosphere during the interview made it an amazing experience.

Reflecting on Home

Reflecting on an incredible three months spent in Kigali, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the warm embrace I've received in Rwanda's fashion community. This place feels like home to me, and the journey of being a model in the heart of Africa is beyond words. Looking ahead, I eagerly anticipate many more exciting opportunities in my modeling journey. The prospect of meeting inspiring people, and showcasing the beauty of fashion in this vibrant community fills me with excitement. Each step forward is a chance to grow and contribute to Kigali's evolving fashion scene. The path ahead holds the promise of countless possibilities, and I can't wait to embrace them with open arms.

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2 comentarios

13 ene

Your process is rousing. I got an opportunity of being in a similar cloud with you. I ought to have getting to know you then, at that point. We say "Ikaze" in Kinyarwanda to mean welcome.

Me gusta
Eveline Gonzenbach
Eveline Gonzenbach
19 ene
Contestando a

Thank you very much! Murakoze! Maybe our path will cross one day. I wish you a successful and fantastic time in Kigali. All the best to you. 🤗

Me gusta
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